Smith & Sons Seafood, Inc is a family owned business specializing in direct raw material supply of domestic shrimp and shellfish.

Established in 1955, the company has expanded operations additionally in Canada which supports the core business model of controlling resources at the ocean, farm, or dock. Smith & Son’s interests include harvesting seafood, supplying processors and packaging houses through out America.  The company owns three main plants that extend services to some of the most notable names in the distribution and retail sectors of the seafood industry.  The company’s founder, Walter “WM” Smith Sr., instilled a sense of pride in his family and loyal employees for more than six decades The family business continues to grow organically year by year. WM’s vision lives on with his son, Walter “Big John”  Smith Jr., who’s hard work ethic continues to drive the company to this day. 


“My daddy always told me, ‘Your name is all you have,’” John says. “That’s what this whole industry is built on: trust and loyalty. So as daddy started buying up and down the coast and started developing relationships, now I’m starting to deal with their kids.”



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